Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Egg Dosa

Its very strange that mallu's who make mallu food at home still crave for mallu food and ends up eating at a mallu joint whenever possible.Today I am posting a recipe from our very old 'Thattukada'.Thattukadas in Kerala are especially famous because of the type of food they serve-the famous one being Porotta and Beef fry.You can find these shops on almost every nook and corner.Lets see how they make Egg Dosa.

Green chillies-2
Pepper Pwd-1tsp
Batter -2 servings
Salt as needed

  • Beat the egg with pepper powder and salt nicely
  • Add green chillies to the beaten eggs and mix well
  • Heat the Tawa and pour the batter for a big dosa
  • Let it get cooked well on one side.
  • Finally pour the egg mix on top
  • Pour a tsp of ghee or oil over it
  • Once the egg is cooked remove it with spatula.

Serve hot with coconut or onion chutney.


  1. am a great fan of Egg Dosa .. the way we prepare is entirely different.. Egg Dosa is quite famous in Alappey district ... and we just break the egg on a normal dosa and prepare it.. and we usually have it with Mulaku podi [ this is spl podi which prepared using .. fried rice ,, curry leaves etc]

  2. Nice & cool Blog. My favorite Egg Dosa Thanks your post.